Strategic Discipleship

In the next five years (2024-2028), the EURO Region will focus on the creation of newly licensed national ministers through training and discipleship.

Pursuant to this, the EURO Region will also focus on recruiting new, capable short-term and appointed missionaries to aid in this task.

Where We Are:
  • 49 Countries & Territories
  • 450 Churches & Preaching Points
  • 500 Licensed Ministers

The EURO Region has established the goal of doubling the number of licensed ministers in the next five years, including short-term and appointed missionaries.

How We will Multiply

These four tools will allow us to equip and establish leaders to achieve the goal of multiplication.

Launch new schools

Develop rigorous curriculum

Prepare next-generation ministers

Develop online ministerial training

Content created in Europe

Serving local leaders, ministers & pastors

Six commissions

Unified training

Advance apostolic ministry

Equip pastors to train ministers

Create tools for the local church

Train ministers in the local church

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